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Matt and Christy Taylor

Kaitlyn, Nathan, Justin, Julianne and Elijah

Christy Taylor graduated from Biola University in 1999 with a BA in Intercultural Studies. She has lived most of her life on the Central Coast of California.

Matt Taylor graduated from Biola in 1997 with a BA in Intercultural Studies. He grew up in Orange County, California.

They were married in August 1999 and joined Wycliffe Bible Translators a year later. They both felt God’s calling to missions on their life, and became more interested in the work of Wycliffe after taking several SIL courses which were offered at Biola.    

After attending their initial linguistic and anthropological training in 2001 at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, Texas, Matt and Christy were assigned as Bible translators to the country of Papua New Guinea.

They left for Papua New Guinea in 2003 and the next year began living and working with the Nukna people, a Bibleless people group of PNG.  During the following years, the Taylors began learning the Nukna language and culture, trained the national people in the process of Bible translation, advised the Nukna people in the development of a Nukna alphabet, and oversaw the development and publishing of the first three Nukna books ever produced.

In late 2006, they returned to the United States for a year-long furlough.  At the end of 2007, they returned to PNG to continue working with the Nukna people.

The Taylors have been blessed with five wonderful children - Kaitlyn (July 4, 2002), Nathan (June 30, 2004), Justin (October 25, 2006), Julianne (February 24, 2009) and Elijah (October 23, 2011).


Matt and Christy have a burden for the over 2,300 people groups around the world who still do not have God’s Word, the Bible, in their own language. They believe that the life-changing power of the Bible should be available to every people group in the world in the language that they know best.

Matt and Christy’s mission statement reads: “To partner in the translation of the Word of God into the Nukna people’s heart language, so that they can come to a saving knowledge of God through Jesus Christ, grow into more mature believers, and give glory to Him.”

Taylor Kids

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